i have acquired the best noodle mount in ffxiv.

and it is gender


:dragno: A creature with all the snuggling power of dragn *and* all the snuggling power of snek!

being called by "it/its" pronouns means you are seen as something alien to the speaker, something outside their categories

and i think that's very powerful for those who don't feel understood by human gender

ah, again we run into mmo's obsession with flashy glowy effects and their utter refusal to turn any of those effects down or make them any more readable

combined with mmo obsessions with extremely quick paced PvP with silences/binds/stasis/charm effects flying around left and right, it makes for a miserable experience where you're dying over and over and you're not sure why

it's such a shame, we were so hyped for it and the story looks fun but the difficulty is absurd and the costs to enter/retry/skip levels are way, way too high.

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@niss psst ty so much again for this lovely identity euphoria with those recent images

it's wild swapping front from S1 to myself (or the inverse) right now b/c we're both riding identity euphoria highs that are *completely* different.

one of the few problems with having a giraffe in our system: everyone thinks we like girafarig

changed our splatoon nickname to "Im A Hydra" and refusing to use anything but the hydra splatling and tri-slosher for as long as this nickname lasts lol

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