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Derglands Code of Conduct:

- We are a community of adults. By signing up you confirm you are 18 or over.

- We believe your identity is sacred. Whatever someone says they are, we believe and respect it.

- We are not a "free speech" community. We will remove content that is designed to offend, harass or mock, including any and all homophobia, transphobia, sexism, and other attacks on people or groups of people on the basis of their identity. Removal is at admin discretion and we err on the side of removal.

- We protect the community as best we can. We do not post anything that is considered illegal in the United Kingdom, including copyrighted and/or unlicensed content. We prohibit the posting of so called "AI art", including the written word, and fully support artists. We also strongly suggest that your posts are content-warned where appropriate.